* Thanks to My little Mochi

Aqui os dejo el primer tutorial de una pequeña bandeja que se puede hacer con fieltro o con tela.

Aunque está en inglés es bastante fácil de entender gracias a la ayuda de las fotos.

Animaros a hacerlo en casa!!!


First we gotta make a pattern. Get a plate and trace um onto one piece of paper.


Hee, hee! Is that Mr. Incredible? What size plate?

No matter. Can be any size you like.


Okay, I wen trace um. Now what? Cut it out?

Yes, and then fold um in half and then open um up and fold it in half one more time.

All pau?

No, fold um in half again two more times until you get eight equal parts. You know, like when you cut one pie.


When I cut one pie only get four parts. Ha! Now what?

Now, it’s time for cut out the fabric.


Ho da cute your fabric! Where you when get um?

Thanks eh! I bought um in Japan. Okay, where we was? Oh yeah. Use your pattern for cut one circle for the outside, one for the lining, and I also cut one from a super stiff interfacing. But you no need add the interfacing if you no like.


Okay I get um! Time for sew?

No, wait. I almost forgot, we have to mark it. Get your guja guja thing and mark the lining fabric with transfer paper along the outer edge of the fold lines.


Guja guja thing?

Yeah, guja guja thing. You know, it makes the “guja guja” sound when you use it. Eh, no tease! Anyway, mark the lining fabric on the side that’s going show. Now it’s time for sew. Pin the three layers together, outside fabric on the top (right side down), lining fabric in the middle, and interfacing on the bottom. Sew along the edge of the circle, using 1/4″ seam allowance.


Do I need to leave one opening?

Can if you like, but I usually sew it closed and use my seam ripper for take off the stitches and make one opening. That way, I can use the holes as one guide for sew um closed after I turn it right side out.

You so akamai!

Mahalo! Okay, after you pau sewing, clip around the curves or trim it close to the seam, make one opening and then turn um right side out. Use one ladder stitch to close it up.

Ladder stitch? What is that?

Try wait. Here, sew um like this. Now you should have a nice circle.


I tired already. Almost pau?

Yup, only one more step. Turn over the circle to the lining side. Hopefully you can still see your guja guja marks. Use your pattern as a guide for where to place the snaps.


Snaps? You never mention snaps.

Oh, I never? Sorry eh! We going use snaps for make the box. Sew four sets of snaps onto the outer edge of the lining just like in the picture.

Alright, I went sew all the snaps. But how come no look like one box?

Wow, you pau already?! Okay, now is the fun part. Snap 1 and 2 together and then 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and then 7 and 8. And tah dah! Fabric box!! And if come all pilau, you can just un-snap it and throw um in the wash. How’s that? Easy yeah?




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