Tutorial estuche de fieltro

Felt Crayon Roll

THANKS TO  http://www.skiptomylou.org/2008/08/06/felt-crayon-roll/  FOR THIS TUTORIAL. IT’S GREAT!

Here is a much simpler and quicker version of the crayon roll. There is less stitching and no turning!

I used wool felt so the crayon roll would be extra durable, plus there are so many wonderful color choices. I bought my felt from Prairie Point Junction.   Because you are a reader of Skip to my Lou, Prairie Point Junction is offering you 20% off your first order by entering their store here.   They shipped really fast so you will be sewing in no time! I also must mention that I had some questions about colors and Julie patiently (even when the questions were like, “which is the best yellow for a felt fried egg”) helped me pick out the colors over the phone.  She is a pleasure to work with! This is not an advertisement.  I don’t receive anything if you buy felt! It is just a nice way to help her promote her business while allowing me to say “Thank You” for reading Skip to my Lou!

You need three pieces of wool felt 6″ X 16 1/2 (pocket), 5″ X 16 1/2″ (outside), 5″ x 16 1/2″ (inside). Another plus about the felt from Prairie Point Junction is that the sheets are 12″ X 18″.  Not only are the felt sheets at the craft store not as durable they are too small for this project.  I thought about using the felt on the bolt, but again I was wanting something that would hold up to little hands and it seemed too thick.

(Oops you can see that I changed my mind and used purple for the outside color instead of the berry color.)

Take the 6 X 16 1/2 piece (pocket) and fold it in half length ways. Lay it on top of the 5″ X 16 1/2 (inside) piece. Starting over 1 1/4″ from the edge stitch from top to the bottom on the pocket piece. Then continuing stitching every 1″.  Back stitch at the top of each stitching line to reinforce.  You will end with 1 1/4″ on the other side.

If you want the outside of your roll to have any embellishments make them now on your outside piece. It would be beautiful to use some of the felt scraps for applique or do some embroidery.

Place the pocket piece that you just sewed on top of your outside piece (wrong sides together). The pocket piece might be slightly smaller from all of the stitching of the pockets —-I just gave mine a little stretch (gently) to match everything up. Pin to keep it all in place.

On the right edge at the middle insert a 30″ piece of ribbon folded in half. Insert the folded end about 1/2 an inch.

Sew all the way around the outside 1/4″ in from the edge.

A nice blanket stitch would dress up the edge or you can use pinking shears (make sure they are for fabric and they are sharp). Be careful when you come to the ribbon you will have to do each side separately.

I doubled the pocket to make it sturdier and give the crayons extra padding to make them stay in.  This seems to work well, however you could always use a 3″ X 16 1/2″ piece for the pocket.  I would sew a ribbon across the top edge for extra stability before I make the pockets.

Fuente: :http://www.skiptomylou.org/2008/08/06/felt-crayon-roll/

Pendientes de fieltro

Aqui os dejo unos cuantos pares de pendientes realizados en fieltro.

Son muy fáciles de hacer y así os doy ideas para haceros vuestros propios pendientes.


Nuevos fieltros II

Novedades traigo!!

¿Qué tal un poco de “Niña Repelente”?

V, me alegra mucho que te haya gustado.







Fieltreando con… fieltro, tijeras, hilo, aguja, relleno…

Un poco de imaginación y de recuerdos y Voilá! este es el resultado.

Piezas de puzzle
















Puntas de ballet:

Regalo para una amiga bailarina

Y quien no se acuerda del gato Isidoro??

Cubo de fieltro sonajero para bebé

Mi último trabajo con  fieltro para unas amigas y sus bebés.

Y por aqui el otro cubo:

El proceso para hacerlo es bastante sencillo.

Solamente necesitamos:

– Fieltros y telas de colores

– Hilos de colores, aguja y tijeras

– Relleno para cojines  (ej.guata)

– Sonajero para meter en el interior del cubo

– máquina de coser


-Cortamos las caras del cubo con las telas que queramos, eso sí todas las caras del mismo tamaño.

Hacer un total de 6 caras, y recortarlas.

– Luego vamos haciendo con fieltro los dibujos , letras o números que irán cosidos a mano o con la máquina a cada una de las caras del cubo:

Se pueden hacer dibujos con motivos diferentes, por ejemplo animales, números, letras, objetos…

Para acabar cosemos todas las caras del cubo con la máquina y al final lo rellenamos con la guata y metemos un cascabel para que suene cuando lo cojamos, a modo de sonajero.

Al final queda algo así:

Más Fieltro-Broches

Aqui van unos cuantos broches que he hecho ultimamente.

La verdad, es que los tengo un poquito abandonados, pero pronto me pondré de nuevo a la tarea.


Que nunca falte una gran idea!…


Este fue un regalito que hice a una gran amiga.Un marcapáginas original, como a ella le gusta





Estrellas de Mar